Knitting from the machine.


"There are no egos in our knitting group."

Striped heels and toes, oh my.

Knitting by the numbers.

This is a beautiful scarf/wrap.

Thinking I might like to make this sheepy hat.

Dual-purpose pincushion.

Tetris blanket.

When rock stars get old.

Finally, cow nips.

Emoticons for knitters.

Interesting.. shoes.

This week in knitting nightmares.

To me, this photo says, "Knitting while dead."

Why we love knitting.

I have this exact yarn. What are the chances I can pull this off?

I know how to do brioche now.

Anyone need some knitted dishes?

Knitting patterns at the liberry.

Sure, the shawl is nice,  but what I really like is the t-shirt.

Knitting wall art.

This is just wrong. So it this.

Yarn snobbery, begone!

Not knitting, but still amazing.

"Socks for your wellies."


Frogging 101.


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0 Responses to Knitting from the machine.

  1. gayle says:

    You should absolutely go for that rainbow scarf!
    Meanwhile, I’ll be making myself one of those sheepy hats!

  2. kathy b says:

    Okay , the pink dress thing…just awful!
    So fun to read the knit survey results!
    Your links are so entertaining!

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