Images of spring.


The wood ducks were passing through last weekend.


Dabbling wood duck
It was difficult to count them because they kept doing this and disappearing under the water.


I spotted this today. For a second I thought it was a maze in the woods.


Then I figured it out. Those are piped maple trees, and that little wooden
building might be the cook shack. Maple syrup season is probably over this week,
according to the chatter I heard on Tuesday.

Speaking of (the first) Tuesday (in April), spring brings certain local elections —
village and town boards, school referenda, a supreme court justice.
These were three of my fellow election judges.


The fifth election judge monitored the single voting machine.
I'm pretty sure that voter is one of the volunteer fireman that pulled Smokey and I 
out of the lake a couple weeks ago. Small towns: you see the same people over and over.


She and I occupied ourselves in the same manner during the down times.


(no photo)
When I got home that night I heard the loons crying. It made me very happy.


Today brought the traditional April snowfall.

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0 Responses to Images of spring.

  1. Bonny says:

    Those piped maple trees are quite interesting, but the April snow is just appalling. My condolences.

  2. Carole says:

    NO MORE SNOW! That’s my mantra these days. We’ve had cold rain this week and I am more than ready for warm, sunny days.

  3. Shirley says:

    It snowed here (just west of Minneapolis) this morning. 😩. Everything is covered in a blanket of white.

  4. kathy b says:

    Oh dear. I Hope we are done with snow. Not counting on it though. I LOVE to hear loons when we are in Northern Wisconsin. IM so jealous of the loons, but not the snow. Funny how you recognized the Firefighter. Love your knitting pal at the polling place

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