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OMG, it is Wednesday already?

photo credit: Gee, wonder why the unemployment site is overloaded via photopin (license) I seem to have been incredibly busy for the past few weeks. Every day I fall behind a little bit more — unread emails pile up, postal … Continue reading

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I have a new app on my phone.

This is how far it is from my bed to the bathroom.

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Winter may not be quite done with us, and other links.

photo credit: rkramer62 via photopin cc Twenty years of mergers and acquisitions, from 1993 to 2013. A surprisingly simple solution to homelessness. The dog remembers. A field guide to the American sandwich. A short summary of the book everyone is … Continue reading

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Knit green for spring!

I need to make this sock pattern. We knitters are all about breaking gender stereotypes. I am putting this here so I can find it later. Color wheel! A knitter's blessing. I am currently fascinated by bias knitting. The warmest slippers on the planet. … Continue reading

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Paper links.

photo credit: rainbow via photopin (license) An amazing story.

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Ten on Tuesday, the delightful edition.

Ten Everyday Things That Delight Me. The sound of peepers in the spring. I heard them on Saturday for the first time this year. My morning latte. The feel of yarn in my hands. Rubbing my face in Hannibal The … Continue reading

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Yarn and baskets and books, oh my.

photo credit: weenah3 via photopin cc These are adorable. I can check 6 7 out of 8. How to keep your knee socks up. I never thought I would say that a chair is cute. Does a cat need a … Continue reading

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Sometimes I knit wicked good and sometimes not. Guess which one this this post is about.

Example of "sometimes not". Oh, sure, that looks like one completed sock and one done nearly to the heel. But it is not. It is one completed sock and another in the process of being frogged back to its roots.  … Continue reading

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Decaying links.

photo credit: Grant MacDonald via photopin cc Stuffed ravioli with dead souls.  Sales of organic food have more than tripled in the decade ending 2013. Now there is a supply problem. I would go to this dentist. .

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Images of spring.

  The wood ducks were passing through last weekend.   It was difficult to count them because they kept doing this and disappearing under the water.   I spotted this today. For a second I thought it was a maze … Continue reading

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