Letters 5.

  Letter slot
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Dear Public Television Station We Watch All The Time,
I'm glad you intend to bring back The Last of the Summer Wine. While you may not understand its popularity (especially if you are under retirement age), it apparently struck a cord with UK viewers in that it was produced for 30 years, a world record for a comedy series. I realize it doesn't get the ratings of Downton Abbey, but I suspect that it does about as well as another long-running comedy series you broadcast, the hilarious Irritating Buffoons at the Minnesota Capitol.
My wife and I are sustainers. When and at what time can we expect the somewhat tedious but beloved Summer Wine to return?
Your friends,
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0 Responses to Letters 5.

  1. k says:

    Dear people who inhabit this blog all the time,
    I really like your lake, and I think your style suits me. I understand that your kids are grown and are gone most of the time, too.
    I have a car that usually runs. I think I am a suitable candidate for residency in your basement. if this is an acceptable proposition, please let me know soonest, so I can start packing.
    Your mostly imaginary friend,

  2. k says:

    p.s. However, there are times when I think I might be an ass. Please let me know if this is an issue, so I can go study some more Miss Manners.

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