Livin’ in the snow. And lovin’ it. Or not.

Any of you in New England, particularly in the Boston area, may want to look away from this post. Unlike you, we have places to put our snow.

A couple weeks ago Smokey was backing his car down the driveway. We tend to back down in the winter because there is not enough room to turn around (until next summer and forever after, but that is another story entirely) and it is easier to back down and drive forward up the hill than vice versa. 


He was trying to put his car as far to one side as possible so as to give me lots of room when I drove out. He is nice like that, but it got him into trouble this time. He got too far over to one side and got stuck in a snowbank. 



The sharp-eyed and car-savvy among you may notice that his car is an Isuzu Trooper, a 4WD vehicle. How in the world did he get it stuck in that little snowbank, you may wonder? (As some of us did wonder, but never out loud.)

Here is a clue:

Screen shot 2015-02-15 at 6.25.14 PM
Younger Son using a Sawzall to cut off the iron pipe the car was hung up on.

Why was that pipe there? Well, it's part of that other story that I may or may not blog.

Once the pipe was removed, my little Volvo performed admirably in pulling the much bigger and heavier Trooper out of its predicament. (Please note the warm hand-knit hat sported by YS.) 

Trouper rescue
Notice how I [finally!] managed to embed an animated gif? Yay, me!


IMG_1433The remains of the villain.

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0 Responses to Livin’ in the snow. And lovin’ it. Or not.

  1. Carole says:

    Winter is not without it’s challenges. It’s supposed to be raining here but guess what? It’s effin snowing.

  2. gayle says:

    So someone is installing car-traps in your area? How rude.

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