Ser Percy on the hunt.

See Perceval The Energetic is visiting for the week while a Younger Son does a storage network install at the FAA in Oklahoma City. Ser Percy is very aware of our two cats, and our two cats stay well away from him.


On Monday I was winding yarn and sorting and stowing it when Ser Percival showed up.


He was intent in the way that only a pit bull on the trail of something can be.


I wondered if there were a mouse somewhere in this end of the room. There is
an assortment of paint cans under a table just out of camera range to the right,
making a dandy hiding place for a small rodent.

The object of Percy's attention was in this nook between the wall, the file cabinet,
a stack of yarn-filled plastic bins, and the table. What could it be?


Hannibal was smugly snuggled onto towel that had fallen into the nook.
He knew he was safe. I could hear him saying,
Nyah nyah nyah. Dog!

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0 Responses to Ser Percy on the hunt.

  1. kathy b says:

    that’s one smart kitty!

  2. Kym says:

    I thought it might be a kitty!!!! Percy looks like a GREAT dog!

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