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Ten on Tuesday, the best of 2014 book edition.

Like many of us, I am a devoted reader. Mysteries and thrillers are my favorite, but I dabble in almost anything. Nonfiction is generally consumed via audiobooks. Biographies are my favorite nonfiction, although I just realized I haven't read nor … Continue reading

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Yarn is king queen empress of the universe.

Buy it here. Anybody know where to get this sock pattern? Fair Isle fans, wouldn’t this be fun to knit? Answer is yes. Lemonade from lemons. I think these would sell at the farmer’s market next summer. Christopher Walken is so … Continue reading

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Links for the in-between weekend.

photo credit: Ayrcan via photopin cc Humans of New York. I keep forgetting to give you Chris's links. Scalzi nails it. Also, the invisible backpack of white privilege, from L.L. Bean. I am surprised the Wall Street Journal publicizes this. … Continue reading

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Christmas: done and dusted.

photo credit: Lynn Friedman via photopin cc We had a lovely couple of days. On Christmas Eve day Smokey had a doctor's appointment at the VA clinic 40 miles away, and Elder Son went along. Smoke's doc there is youngish … Continue reading

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Christmas links!

photo credit: john curley via photopin cc This dog puts up with a lot. So does this lizard. The ugly truth about Santa. Christmas drinking game. Doing good with your charity giving. Things your cat wants for Christmas. How to … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Christmas memories.

Warning: this is a bummer kind of post. If you don't want to get teary on Christmas Eve, please feel free to skip it. I just realized that it was exactly thirty-two years ago today that we got the phone … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the Christmas to-do list edition.

Ten Things On My To Do Before Christmas List. Make cheese ball. Defrost ham for Christmas Day. Wrap presents. Buy ingredients for enchiladas for Christmas Eve. Done yesterday. Put Christmas tablecloth on dining room table. Bake pumpkin  pie(s). Pick up … Continue reading

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It’s too late to knit Christmas gifts, so just sit back and relax.

photo credit: Noelle Noodle via photopin cc Like a moth in a wool shop. Dresden plates, sort of. What she didn't know, part 1. A little help here? I am thinking about getting a small loom. Putting these fingerless gloves … Continue reading

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Mutterings. And new socks.

You lucky people, you get to read twice as many of my mutterings this week. Please contain your enthusiasm. Stuck :: in the elevator. Elevator :: stuck (see above). Vaccine :: measles, mumps, rubella. Pepsi :: yuk. Give me Coke … Continue reading

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Links are all done with their Christmas shopping (nah nah, nah-nah nah).

  photo credit: pikawil100 via photopin cc Drawing. Baby bat hospital, complete with nipples. I should send this to Scott Walker. Yes, this is Scott Walker. As long as I am on a tear, how about this? Renaissance babies who … Continue reading

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