Pre-turkey knitting links.

Fair isle 1

This would be fun to plan in Knit Picks Palette or Jamieson's or Virtual Yarns. (Serinpititously, Cyndi Lauper started singing True Colors while I was searching out these links.)

Mad magazine… knits?


A quick, easy present for a fellow knitter.

I love the caption on this photo.

World Peace Yarn Day.

Putting these fingerless gloves here so I can find them again.

This chair makes me want to curl up with a book in it.

Wood-grain socks! Pattern here!

The Mayo Clinic is on our side.

I think I may have shown you this before. But here are more of her designs. Sweater. Sweater.

Behind-the-scenes at yarnbombing.

Willy warmers. via

Boo, hiss!

If you must buy Red Heart

Oh, Vigo


A thought to remember.

It's winter.

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0 Responses to Pre-turkey knitting links.

  1. gayle says:

    Just flabberghasted with those Tashashu coats…

  2. k says:

    And you noticed Alfred E. Neumann (that is his name, isn’t it?) is knitting that glove “tip-down.” No wonder.
    All those chunky-knit afghans out in the world are starting to get to me. Except I’m settling in to a long Brown-Sheep-in-stockinette phase. Chunky-knits involve too much texture.

  3. k says:

    (And she’s back!)
    I must, however, someday, somehow, knit those wave mittens up in the header. I love them. Maybe red and white?

  4. Mary says:

    Somewhere in this house is an old Vogue Knitting (late 80’s?) that has a sweater in that woodgrain pattern. I also have a sock pattern and a mitten pattern made with the same modular scallops as the two sweaters… How come I can remember that stuff, but not where I left my favorite pink pen?? (Pink so my husband won’t steal it – we both work out of the house.)

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