Let’s let the pictures tell the story.

Having pictures helps me write a post. Since I was scambling for something to post about, I went back through my photos and found some that you haven't seen.

Elder Son started his residency in family medicine in late June. He and Smokey made a trip out there a couple weeks ahead so he could look for a place to live. On that trip he bought 1, a house, and b, a dog (about 20 minutes after he bought the house).

Photo 1
The the dog is big, the house is tiny. But Elder Son is extremely pleased with both. 


My son, the reader. There are two other bookshelves not pictured.

This is what $47.50 will buy you at the Sioux Falls, SD St Vincent de Paul thrift store
when it is having a 50% off sale on furniture.

(Sorry, don't know why this photo is so small.) 
This was the first couch he bought. Notice how it is wider than his door.
And that is why he bought the love seat pictured earlier.

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0 Responses to Let’s let the pictures tell the story.

  1. Bonny says:

    Elder Son looks like an efficient, frugal reader and someone I’d very much enjoy meeting as a person and physician. His book shelves and books are seriously impressive!

  2. Carole says:

    That’s an adorable little house! I would imagine, since he is a resident, that he doesn’t spend much time on that couch anyway.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I am endlessly fascinated by what a person can find in a thrift store–so this post was very satisfying for me. Your boy seems like such a solid human being, like someone you could be stranded with on a desert island for twenty years and not have to toss off a cliff after the first six months.
    That was a compliment, by the way.
    I also realllly need to tell you that the cowl you knit for me and gifted me with this summer is MY FAVORITE THING EVER OUTSIDE OF MY KIDS AND HUSBAND. I am not only wearing it when I go outside but also around the house because brrrrrr. You have so totally made me happy with that gift. Thank you again.

  4. Big Alice says:

    Ha! Excellent pictures!
    I like the little house and the big dog.
    And that was a furniture SCORE.

  5. Kim Dean says:

    Bookcases are the bestdecorating “things.” Hands down.

  6. TLK says:

    Other people’s mothers talk to them about sex, or money, or the importance of eating plenty of veggies before they head off on their own. Mine talked to me about the dangers of buying used upholstered furniture – lice! Buy only solid wood! Or metal! She spent part of her RN career (old school, with a starched white hat and white shoes and a navy blue wool cape) as a public health nurse in western Pennsylvania. Apparently got her fill of lice during those years.

  7. Vicki says:

    That looks like a perfect person + dog house! I’ll bet the dog spends more time on the loveseat than ES.

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