Winter is coming.

I was ready for cool weather — layer on the warmth, snuggle up, hot drinks, etc. — but I was not quite ready for snow yet. Happily, it mostly melted right away. 

Winter is coming.

The dark comes an hour earlier — boo! hiss! — but there is light peeking around the shade when I wake up in the morning.

Winter is coming.

The election is over, the results are in, sadness all around. Our efforts increased voter turnout in our county by nearly 10% — yay! — but not enough to swing the state and local elections.

Winter is coming.

Now we must gather the political signs from the roadsides and the hay fields and stow them safely in a barn somewhere.

Winter is coming.

In more ways than cold and darkness

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  1. gayle says:

    It’s snowing here, too, at the moment. It won’t stick, so it’s just annoyance snow. But still…
    Also echoing your sighs over elections. The good thing is that there’ll be more in the future.

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