S-linking toward Halloween.

Paper clips help
photo credit: banspy via photopin cc

Maslow's hierarchy of needs… updated.

Too late for the contest, but the tomato-basil soup sounds yummy.

This may be useful to all of us someday.

Compare and contrast. via martinimade.com

Her sister took her to the library.

Chick magnet.

Twin Peaks trailer.

A mother is a mother is a mother.

Are you hungry? You will be after you look at these.

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0 Responses to S-linking toward Halloween.

  1. kathy b says:

    The soup looks amazing. I ‘d take the brisket thanks

  2. k says:

    Whose sister? What library?
    Brik in Tunisia. Also feijoada in Brazil. Those two. And maybe the Neapolitan Pizza.
    I think I’d better cook dinner, eh? Or just cut straight to the quart of ice cream. One of the two.

  3. Kim Dean says:

    I rather doubt the meat pie industry in England ever recovered from “Sweeney Todd.”

  4. soxanne says:

    love, love, love the Maslow update 😀

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