Oh, is it Saturday?

Single link blue memorial chain
photo credit: Hey Paul via photopin cc

Dogs who look like other things.

How babies are born in Canada.

How to review a crummy product.

Jim Carrey is The Man.

Like mother, like daughter.

There's a carrot in your dish.

Advance apologies to any blondes out there.

Heirloom popcorn.

Worst airline passenger ever. via martinimade.com

The Mighty Mom Utility Belt. ditto

The face of joy.

The answer to cutting rates of smoking.


Gravity: not necessarily a constant.

How to enjoy a park.

Sarah Outen is pedaling and paddling her way around the world. She launched her kayak here.

Links from Chaos.

Halloween is coming!

I remember those day–, er, nights.

Doily cookies.

I say again, whoa.


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0 Responses to Oh, is it Saturday?

  1. kathy b says:

    Oh that puppy and stuffed toy..OMG

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