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Happy Halloween!


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If you don’t knit*, you ain’t it.

I am a knitter. Ball winding. Knitting with (circular) porcupines. Chocolate mints in a jar. It IS wonderful. Perfect Halloween sweater. Something is wrong. The hat of many colors. Cephalopods. A highway sign we all could love. Shawl or staitjacket. … Continue reading

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Ser Percy, The Root, and The Hole.

Our septic tank required attention this past week*, which involved Younger Son digging up part of my flower bed to find the pump-out access hatch. Which should have been no more than 6" underground but which turned out to be … Continue reading

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S-linking toward Halloween.

photo credit: banspy via photopin cc Maslow's hierarchy of needs… updated. Too late for the contest, but the tomato-basil soup sounds yummy. This may be useful to all of us someday. Compare and contrast. via Her sister took her … Continue reading

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The mind boggles.

photo credit: John C Abell via photopin cc Coupla stories. First. This happened a friend who was traveling home from Chicago last week. It was sent as a letter to the editor of a number of newspapers throughout our congressional … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the “Save the babies!”* edition.

photo credit: lewsviews via photopin cc Ten Things I Would Save If My House Were On Fire, Assuming The People And Pets Were Safe. My Mac Mini. My external hard drive. My purse. The two boxes of photos in my office. … Continue reading

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The knitting, it screams.

Absolutely NOT. Name that artist! In orange, this would be the perfect hat for Holy Week. Knitting and particle physics. I need to make these. Clean out the couch! Tis a wee sweater. .

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It was 20 40 years ago today!

(Listen to it twice. PRESTO! 40 years.)   So we celebrated. I got out our wedding album, and we and Younger Son looked at the pictures of the day. Then we listened to Billy Idol singing White Wedding while we ate our … Continue reading

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Linky blinky.

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc Two old bats campaign. Disguise. Take that, Jesse. Our Hannibal does this, too. .

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photo credit: Troy B Thompson via photopin cc I talked to a local judge last night at a meeting. She said she had performed the first same-sex marriage in our county that day. It was for two women who had … Continue reading

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