Ten on Tuesday, the stress edition.

This week Carole asked us to name the things we stress out about today that we didn't stress out about 10-15-20 years ago. While this is a good topic for someone in the their 40s or 50s, a person in their 60s (like me) has passed that stress hump in her life. So instead, I am going to list things that I used to stress out about 10-15-20 years ago but that don't even show on my radar any more.

Ten Things I Used To Stress Out Over.

  1. Getting to work on time. I am not a morning person, and getting out of bed was very hard. When I started at the seasonal tax job, office hours began at 8am. Getting myself up, feeding the boys, getting Younger Son to daycare and myself downtown, all before 8am, was a struggle. As the years went on, the office became a bit more relaxed; 8:30 or 9:00 was acceptable as long as the work got done. Even so, I still struggled frequently.

  2. Not letting Younger Son push me over the edge. There were a couple years, perhaps ages 10-11, when he seemed to push my buttons all the time. Happily, that stage passed.

  3. Getting Smokey somewhere on time. He was always loosey-goosey about time, and it used to drive me bonkers. But eventually he decided that since it was important to me, it was irresponsible of him to dilly-dally around. Now he asks me what time I want to leave for X, and he is ready to go by them. (See, I've told you before what a hero he is!)

  4. Um

I am not a person who stresses out much. This is all I could come up with. If I had gone with the original topic, my list would have been blank.*


* Right now I am stressing out about the stuff I need to do before the election, but that stressor is self-limiting. So I don't count it.


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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the stress edition.

  1. Carole says:

    I don’t stress either but I can relate to all 3 on your list today. Dale is a lot like Smokey in regards to being on time and I have yet to get him to the point where the concept of it being important to me should actually matter to him. I keep telling him it would make HIS life less stressful but he’s just not getting my point. LOL.

  2. Bonny says:

    I do like your “don’t count it if it’s self-limiting” attitude towards stress! It sounds like a valuable idea that I’m going to try to put into practice.

  3. kathy b says:

    I stress out about my sister’s visits.
    I plant to stress out way less.
    My career in intensive care nursing is ending !
    Hard to believe ordinary day life could rival that intensity sure hope not!

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