Let’s talk fingerless.

I have been knitting fingerless gloves all summer to sell as a library fundraiser at our local farmer's market. The market is sponsored by the library building committee, and the Friends have a booth there.

Photo 3   Photo 1
Photo 2   Photo 4
I knitted all summer and all I got done was five pairs? 

Clockwise from upper left: JoJoland DK superwash merino, no particular pattern; Fetchings (with a couple extra cable twists because faulty pattern reading), Knit Picks Wool of the Andes superwash; two pairs of Susie's Reading Mitts (more on these below) from some Drops alpaca left over from a Red Scarf Project scarf a couple years ago; another pair of Fetchings (more below), KP WotA superwash.

The variegated ones were the first pair I knitted. Easy peasy, I can make a dozen pairs by the time fall comes!

Then I started a pair of the red alpaca ones. Between user error and doggie interference, I probably knit three or four pairs of these in order to get two finished pairs. As much as I love the finished gloves, my less-than-stellar execution is keeping me from attempting a third pair from this pattern. The alpaca is all gone now; I am hoping that knitting a pair in a less fuzzy yarn will eliminate most of the user errors. ::fingers crossed::

The gray Fetchings are a little long because I inadvertently added a couple extra cable twists at the finger end. Pattern reading = a good thing, often neglected.

The blue Fetchings followed the pattern much better… almost.

Photo 1
See? If I wasn't so fond of the color I might set these on fire.

I didn't notice the longer cable section on the first one (at right) until I had knit the second glove and woven in the ends on the first. Self-disgust prevented me from frogging and reknitting. Maybe next week.

I got kind of burned out on fingerless gloves, especially given how much trouble I was having with user error. Put them aside to knit a lacy cowl. And cast on a scarf/stole ( broke my yarn fast to buy this yarn). And cast on a scarf. And cast on a shawl. More on those another time.

After working the library booth at last Saturday's market, I was re-invigorated about fingerless gloves. I bound off and wove in the ends last night on this pair; tonight I will add the thumbs.

If you look closely you can see the three sets of butterfly stitches on each one.

The color is wayyy off in that photo (bad indoor light, no time to get a better shot). Color is more accurate here.

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0 Responses to Let’s talk fingerless.

  1. sparrowgrass says:

    I like those bright colored ones and the red ones–how much are they?

  2. Carole says:

    They are all great, I especially like the red ones. Have you been watching Outlander? So many awesome fingerless gloves on that show!

  3. k says:

    No I want the variegated ones Me Me Me Me!
    You could start a bidding war, right here in the privacy of your own blog.
    Also, I am wearing a pair of Fetchings, even as I type. (A, it is freaking cold/wet/windy, and B. EPIC failure of my own personal over heat mode. I am angry with whatever the overheat thing is for failing me on the first crap day of fall.) (And is there anybody else who recently took algebra who wants to bracket things in sentences? Here: these three words are a single thing. Multiply or whatever around this unit.)
    I admire your dedication.

  4. k says:

    And as my body temperature took another dive, I put on my lovely cowl. Thank you again!

  5. kathy b says:

    FIve pair! Amazing I say. I love the colors. The neutrals can go with any thing!

  6. gayle says:

    Well, my entire summer’s output was half a sock (which I knit 4 times, erg…), so I bow to your productivity.
    As long as you don’t point out the mistakes, most people won’t even notice. They’re all gorgeous!

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