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Ten on Tuesday, the stress edition.

This week Carole asked us to name the things we stress out about today that we didn't stress out about 10-15-20 years ago. While this is a good topic for someone in the their 40s or 50s, a person in … Continue reading

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Knit, knit, knit. Purl, purl, purl. Link, link, link.

Help out here. Is this an old photo of Paul McCartney, or is this a Paul McCartney look-alike? Deer season is nearing. Beginnings of a stegasaurus costume? This would be a cute addition to a housewarming gift basket. More Hermione … Continue reading

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It’s a pun…*

  photo credit: kdee64 via photopin cc How big is Africa? …and then they voted. Net neutrality explained. PSA: don't drink and drive. Cool (NOT!) art dudes from history. Chris's links. Nature, red hot in tooth and claw wing. I may … Continue reading

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Last Saturday the county humane society held its annual dog walk.  This is Rusty The Wonder Dog, mentioned in the article linked above. Those who paid the extra $10 registration fee got these snazzy orange t-shirts.    Participating dogs got … Continue reading

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This is so cool!

The wonders of the internet! I noticed this in the side bar of the blog yesterday:   Where is Oblast? I wondered. Ever the Kurious Kat, I scampered over to Google to find out.   A little more information: Welcome, visitor … Continue reading

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Q: How long has it been since I did a post on Sunday Wenesday?

A: Roughly… forever. Yes, I wrote this on Sunday, but Typepad locked up and I walked away and didn't get back to it until Monday. When the knit links post went up. So you get this on Tuesday  Wednesday. Please … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the auto edition.

Boy howdy, can I get into this one! Smokey is a car collector, so we have had, quite literally, DOZENS of cars. I will list the ones that were my primary car. Some I picked out myself, some were assigned … Continue reading

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…and the knit goes on. The knit goes on.

I never thought of this. The 30-day knitting challenge. Putting this scarf here because I want to remember it. Want. Knitting is my cardio. Hermione-inspired knitting. My philosophy entirely. PSA for knitters and crocheters. Fashion designers, dreaming up ridiculously useless bits … Continue reading

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Links go walkabout.

photo credit: Thomas Gehrke via photopin cc Wes Anderson vehicles. So true. Make life better. Why the Starbucks barista spells your name wrong. A little something from The Bloggess. And another little something. Just as we readers have always known, … Continue reading

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Arhh, mateys!

photo credit: Kakadu via photopin cc This is cosplay done awesomely right. Oops, this link looks like it has broken since I first saved it. Sorry. Meet Sir Stuffington, the pirate cat. Yaarrrnnn, mateys! Lady pirate knitted duds.

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