Linky slinky.

Links weirdphoto credit: Vicki's Pics via photopin cc


What Chris has to say.

Why have these not been invented yet?

More shower thoughts.

A couple delights from Neil Gaiman.

Why women live longer.

Guess what? More open access to contraception cuts the teen pregnancy rate.

I need to take a new photo of the dog (or cat).

Funny spider is funny.

Holding your breath for five minutes*.

News about suicides and advice for journalists.

One good thing about getting older: I never have to experience catcalls on the street again.

This ad is never gonna work.

Yes, you can mail your friend a potato.

This is in the running for world's best wedding video.

What is really important in the kitchen. Via

Biking made safer.

Pancake art.

"The carved area in the neck of the jug filtered out impurities when water was collected in the Nile."


"Nurse Ratched, representing the concept of powerful women, is a kind and competent nurse."

Level one.

Links from Chris.




* The links point to an article in the Wall Street Journal. I need to know whether those of you who do not subscribe to it can access this article. One link is the full URL, the second is missing the stuff that appeared after the "?". Please reply in the comments whether you coud access through either or both links. TIA!

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0 Responses to Linky slinky.

  1. Chris says:

    *gasp* Access to contraception prevents teen pregnancy?! Who would ever guess?!?
    I could read all of both WSJ links. Browsing in Firefox, Adblock plus, NoScript running.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Both articles opened for me via Firefox. BTW, always enjoy your blog!

  3. Nancy G says:

    Same for me, both links worked fine in Firefox.

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