The links of August.

Chained doors memorial chain
photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

Fist bump for a healthier life.

This is what should happen to all Thomas Kinkade paintings.

Tremendous satisfaction can be gained from this site. (via blackbird)

How to discourage a child from reading.

Ideas on how to price handmade goods.

Mickey: he’s everywhere.

Funny animals.

The Idiot’s Guide to Inequality.


Where the beer, wine, and liquor drinkers live in the US.

The experience of an isolation tank.

Attention, chicken owners: this guy built the Mercedes of chicken coops.


Best housesitter ever.

Sinkholes: not just in Florida anymore.


Rodent offspring retain parent’s fears of events they never experienced.

The best argument for net neutrality comes from… baseball.

Did you know that otters have pet rocks?

This is just plain weird.


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