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Laboring over the links.

photo credit: n.stauffer via photopin cc Texting in movies. The joy of wasps. The joy of anti-littering ads. Kittehs! It's The Matrix… with kittens. Book buying in real time. This is what depression — in particular, post-partum depression — looks like. via … Continue reading

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But first, a public service announcement: Have you been voting for The Knitter's Hunk/Hunkess? Check it out! * * * * * If it had been just one hole, I would have considered fixing them.   This is what happens … Continue reading

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If a tree falls…

Elder Son called on Sunday to say a tree branch had fallen on the car. And the roof. Note absence of back windshield on my minivan, which he used to move.   Yep, that was a big sucker alright.  

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Is it Labor Day yet? And other knitting questions.

Lopapeysa and cables. ArtYarns color inspiratons: Grays. Blues. Golds. Purples. Evening glow. Sunset clouds. Flower. Beach sand. Golden sunset. Mossy browns. Another sunset. Pink. Which is stranger, the skirt or the sweater? Kool-Aid dyed yarn like you have never seen. More.  Another and … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday.

Madonna and child… radish. I am offering this sacred icon, produced by a miracle in n.w. Wisconsin, for the otherworldly sum of $US 10,000. Oops, I cut it up like the rest. Sorry… * * * * * And now, … Continue reading

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Summer rolls on over the links.

photo credit: John Picken via photopin cc   There are no words. Books on Wheels. Sadly true. Who inherits your iTunes library when you die? Themed bookmarks. Imagine coming upon one of these in the woods. Learn your colors! Best … Continue reading

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This could have been shot from my front door.

// Forest Year from motionkicker on Vimeo. The sound track is so familiar: song sparrow, geese, spring peepers, blue jays, rooster, red-wing blackbird, woodpecker, mourning dove, bullfrog, a number of others I cannot identify. We don't generally hear wolves (coyotes?) … Continue reading

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Neil and me.

  View from NG's writing studio.                    View from my laundry room window. Clearly, Neil Gaiman takes far better photographs than I do.

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A old story too good not to share.

If you are one of my relatives reading this, please know that the relative described here was from the other side of my family. Back in the mid-1980s I received a call that my mother’s brother had died.  She had … Continue reading

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Today is Monday; here are your knitting links. Please leave your quarter under the mat.

I need some of this yarn. "Why, yes, we ARE from outer space." Profanity pillows. Yarn. This is gorgeous. Granny square afghan done right. Need assistance with your knitting? Summon a helper. An Aran sweater like you have never seen … Continue reading

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