Knitting links.

  Pins 4 used

This sock pattern reminds me of this scarf. Is it weird to think about knitting socks to match a scarf?

You will be seeing these on my Monday posts.


Love this.

As much fun as knitting a linen stitch scarf was — NOT! — this one makes me think about another one.

King Lear. Done with sheep.

Knitting nail art.

Reclaiming yarn from thrift store sweaters.

Someone: please reverse engineer this sweater.

Funny knitting memes.

This one might be my favorite.

Knitted circuit boards.

Free knitting/cross-stitch/needlepoint chart maker. More here.

If you like to dress like a hobbit

This is just silly.

A red one is on its way to me.



Disclaimer: I tend to find nearly all of these through Madam DaFarge Knits on Tumblr. Assume that every link has "via" after it.

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0 Responses to Knitting links.

  1. k says:

    That linen-stitch scarf should be labeled a gateway drug.

  2. Soxanne says:

    What could be weird about having matching scarf and socks?

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