Sunday, Sunday!

  1. Fish:: eyes.
  2. Dreaming :: love.
  3. Living :: dying.
  4. Expectations :: unmet.
  5. Mug :: china.
  6. Jacket :: denim.
  7. Bowl :: pipe.
  8. Confession :: true.
  9. Socks :: hand-knit. Duh.
  10. Tank :: top.

* * * * *

Things are a-changin' in our living room. First there was the new TV.

Photo 3


Yes, there is a lot of crappe in our living room. Smokey's knees are so bad he walks as little as possible, so all the paraphernalia required by whatever project he is working on are scattered around his chair. And the rest of the living room. Such is life.

Next, new (to us) chairs.

When I drove a carful of books and stuff to Sioux Falls to help Elder Son move, I stayed for a couple days. One thing we accomplished was to get him some furniture from the St Vincent de Paul thrift store. Said store is a block from his house and was having a 50% off sale on furniture. He was adamant that we needed to check it out. For $47 he became the proud owner of a couch (later exchanged for a smaller love seat because we couldn't get the couch through his 30" front door), a glider rocker and matching glider ottoman, and an end table. That glider rocker and ottoman were wonderfully comfortable, and it was I who insisted he buy them. 

When Smokey and I visited a couple weeks ago I spent almost every minute in that chair, rocking/gliding and knitting. On the way home I announced that I had liked it so much I was going to get one for myself. Being the wise husband he is, Smokey agreed that that was a fabulous idea.

We checked out some furniture stores and looked online, but didn't find anything properly comfortable. But yesterday while I was serving my turn at the Dems tent at the county fair, he searched Craigslist and found a pair of glider rockers with matching ottomans. Which are now nestling in the back of his Trooper (oh, yeah, he bought another car a couple weeks ago) waiting to be carried up to the living room.

His beat-up leather chair, purchased new in ::counts on fingers:: 1983 will be offered to each son and donated if neither wants it. My powered recliner will go to the basement family room for the next time one of us needs it. It was invaluable when my hip was bad and after his back surgery.

Leather  Recliner
Old. Note the delightful cat-scratching-post nature of my recliner.
The other side of the leather chair looks the same way.

OttomanGlider 3
New(ish). X2.

If you need me any time in the next ten years, I will be gliding/rocking in the living room with my knitting and watching Netflix on the big screen

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  1. Kim says:

    Good for you!!

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