If this is Sunday, it must time for another parade.

BL paradeThis was our group in the last parade. Lady in light blue shirt is
Kelly Westlund, running for Congress from our district.

Gonna drive in the Lucky Days parade this afternoon. Got a big bowl of candy to throw to the kids along the route. I tell myself all through every parade, "Don't drive over a kid. Don't drive over a kid. Don't drive over a kid." It's a good rule. 

* * * * *


  1. Joke :: practical.
  2. Away :: game.
  3. Reaction :: time.
  4. High :: times.
  5. Movie :: times.
  6. Decide :: later.
  7. Afternoon :: delight.
  8. Contrarian :: Smokey.
  9. Understand :: grok.
  10. Zone :: no parking.

* * * * *

I continue to knit on the fingerless glove project. Four pairs mostly done, and cast on for a fifth pair last night. Only one pair is completely done; the others all need thumbs, one pair needs its hems sewn down, and most need their ends woven in.  I am saving all that finishing for some night when I am watching TV. 

In other TV-related news, we just joined the rest of the US and* got a flat TV. I think it is 46", maybe 42", plenty big for our cozy living room. Younger Son set it up for us on Saturday morning. It took me roughly 30 seconds to get used to having a bigger screen. The viewing experience changes a little — I find I am more aware of the rest of the picture, not just the main action/actor. Our old TV, a 32" digital CRT model, will go to live in Elder Son's house. 


* I have found it a little disconcerting to see huge flat-screen TVs in the living rooms of pretty much every house that leaves its curtains open. Why does everyone else — even people whom I know are on a severely limited income — have a fancy-schmancy TV and we don't? Well, because we were waiting for the prices to come down to cheap. And they did



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0 Responses to If this is Sunday, it must time for another parade.

  1. gayle says:

    I think you’ve now driven in more parades than I have been to…

  2. Soxanne says:

    Good rule.
    Also, I am waiting for my old TV to die so that I can justify buying a new one. Alas, it lives on!

  3. Kym says:

    Don’t run over a kid. Now that is a good motto to live by! 🙂
    I am always amazed . . . that whenever I go for a walk through my neighborhood (ANY time of day) . . . big, flat-screen tbs are ON and in full view through the windows. All. The. Time. (Mostly, I’m amazed because we don’t turn ours on for weeks at a time, sometimes.)
    Enjoy your new TV!

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