Random because I am lame.

I haven't done the mutterings for awhile.

  1. Onion :: cry.
  2. Greek :: salad.
  3. Construct :: -ion.
  4. Crunch :: time.
  5. Bottom :: feeder.
  6. Cream :: cheese.
  7. Slamming :: crowd-surfing.
  8. Jerk :: chicken. I seem to have food on the mind this morning.
  9. Closed :: mind.
  10. Texture :: -d stitches.

* * * * *

Younger Son sent me a photo that a friend had taken of Ser Percival The Energetic.

Look at the size of that mouth. Now imagine your leg in there. Beware the pit bull.

* * * * *

Smokey figured out that it was the 20+ year-old sunscreen I used on Saturday that had caused the allergic reaction and made my eyes swell to monster size. So much for trying to use up old stuff — that sunscreen is going in the trash. I don't look quite as bad as I did on Sunday, but I would still scare small children. Sheesh.

* * * * *

Earlier this week I had to drive through Lindstöm. Remember Lindström? Anyway, I got myself a small Blizzard at the DQ (mint chocolate chip, thanks for asking) and looked for a shady place to park while I ate it. (I hate having to get out of the car. Drive-through, every time.) A block or so later I found a cemetary, lots of shade. Perfect.

As I drove around looking for my ideal spot — level, shady, not too obvious — I came across this tombstone.

T. rex
The inscription says, "T-REX / Made by Frank".


T. rex 2
T. Rex says, "Whachoo lookin' at, mofo?"

* * * * *

In other Lindstrom Dairy Queen-related news: last weekend Smokey gave a co-worker a ride home to Lindstrom after work. During the ride, co-worker disclosed that Robin Williams had been spotted at the DQ earlier this summer. What was Robin Williams doing in a tiny rural village in Minnesota? Presumably, the same thing as Ozzie Ozbourne, Eric Clapton, and any number of other celebs. 

* * * * *

Have I been knitting? Yes. Have I been taking pictures of my knitting? No.

I have been busily making fingerless gloves to sell at the farmer's market later this summer and fall in support of the new library. The library building committee is sponsoring the market and gets the booth fees. They also have a table to sell dog blankets and other crafts, all proceeds going to the building fund.

I finished my third pair yesterday, then discovered that Ser Percy had snatched a glove from the second pair — 100% alpaca*, no less — and had mangled it a bit. I grumbled and fumed as I wove in the ends on pair #3, then inspected the pair #2 damage more closely. Glove turned out not to be salvageable, but the yarn was. Frogged and 1" reknit so far. Will finish this weekend.

Damned alpaca-chewing dogs


* Apparently dogs prefer alpaca to wool. Go figger. 



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0 Responses to Random because I am lame.

  1. Mary Jo says:

    My husband, a pediatrician, tells parents to throw the sunscreen out at the end of the season. He sees a lot of rashes from old sunscreen and does not recommend keeping it from one year to the next. I hope you are feeling better.

  2. k says:

    Minnesota, land of 10,000 treatment centers. Somebody has to do it.
    I admit, I didn’t realize that there was a separation between bottom and feeder at first. There’s a song about things that go together, isn’t there? Horse and carriage, bottom and feeder? Sounds right.

  3. Becky says:

    T. Rex says, I Can Has Armz plz?

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