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Friday funnies.

A few items I have added to my life recently. This can replace my I knit so I don't kill people t-shirt, which had a really crappy font.   Gonna wear this one to knitting group tomorrow night.   This … Continue reading

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Sad, sad day.

Last night a friend/neighbor died unexpectedly from complications of a low blood sugar event — she had type 1 diabetes, which I did not know — and cardiac arrest. Marcia was a kind, gentle, good-hearted, generous person, and a big … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the favorite pattern edition.

Carole has asked us for the ten patterns we could knit again and again. At first I thought, I've never knit a pattern more than once! But then reality kicked in and I remembered I did have some faves. Ten … Continue reading

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Knitting links.

  This sock pattern reminds me of this scarf. Is it weird to think about knitting socks to match a scarf? You will be seeing these on my Monday posts. Texture. Love this. As much fun as knitting a linen … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday!

Fish:: eyes. Dreaming :: love. Living :: dying. Expectations :: unmet. Mug :: china. Jacket :: denim. Bowl :: pipe. Confession :: true. Socks :: hand-knit. Duh. Tank :: top. * * * * * Things are a-changin' in our … Continue reading

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Links d’jour.

photo credit: n.stauffer via photopin cc Mr. Bean and House. Visual pun. Cabbage geometry (via The Bloggess). Thirty-one things you can freeze. So polite and refined. If you are in China, don't eat at KFC, McDonalds, or Pizza Hut. (And … Continue reading

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It’s county fair time. (There’s yarn at the end.)

I was at the fair Wednesday night and Thursday morning helping set up our local Democrats tent.  Covering the outside rain-vulnerable signs before shutting down for the night.If you look closely you can see my signs hanging around the upper … Continue reading

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Okay, this is adorable.

Just don't try to pet him.

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Ten on Tuesday, the doorway edition.

Carole has an challenging topic for this week. Ten Threshholds I Cross Every Day. The usual: doors to bathroom, bedroom. No threshhold to get into kitchen or living room. Door to my office. I seem to spend an inordinate amount … Continue reading

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Links d’knit.

Nineteen impossibly clever knitting and crochet patterns. I am thinking this shawl could be a great stashbuster. Wisdom gained while knitting an afghan. Best tea cozy ever. Wait. Maybe this one? Or you could just use a dinner plate like everyone … Continue reading

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