Claire gave us the full scoop on the Starbucks/barista/college story to which I linked yesterday.

Starbucks isn't actually paying its employees' tuition costs. They aren't actually paying anything. Not one thin dime. Management today admitted that all they had done was to get ASU to lower tuition on on-line courses for Starbucks employees, who are then supposed to apply for Pell Grants and other federal funds to cover the rest of the costs. If they make it to their Junior year, when ASU will require full tuition, Starbucks will lend them the money. At the going rate. Creative Accounting should be a required course.

Thanks, Claire. Creative accounting, indeed!

* * * * *

  1. Closed :: for repairs
  2. Tourists :: money. Our county gets a good chunk of its tax revenue, both property taxes and sales taxes, from cabin people.
  3. Footsteps :: in the hallway. Creak
  4. Ginger :: -snaps.
  5. Way :: out.
  6. Designer :: graphic.
  7. Mattress :: pad.
  8. Disaster :: ship.
  9. Chips :: chocolate!!!
  10. Campaign :: literature. Parades. Signs. Hard work. Election. Primary. Yeah, I am kind of an expert on campaigns.

* * * * *

Speaking of campaigns*, it is time for me to load my car with sandwich board signs and go march in a parade. High today will be 88˚.


* Not my campaign. I am campaign treasurer for a candidate for county sheriff.

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  1. k says:

    Come live up by the Lake! Our high is in the 60’s, with a dense fog advisory. Perfect ice cream weather.

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