Today is brought to you by the color green*.

PhotoThe wild geraniums are blooming along the roadsides here.


Photo 1

A closer look.


Photo 3
The hardy geraniums in my garden. Notice how well they are blooming. Not.


Geraniums. And weeds
My hardy geraniums and their neighbors, labeled. You know how you never notice
the wonky stitch until you photograph your objet d'knit? Same with the weeds.


* * * * *

  Stunning, no?
To keep you from being too impressed with my camera skills. 
The view from the iPod/Phone holder on my dashboard.
Do not ask why I have a photo of it. I know not.

* * * * *

As long as we are looking at things that are green, let me show you another. I have been knitting a gift from some Black Bunny Fibers suri alpaca/merino fingering weight yarn I won from Webs back in…

:::much searching of blog and Ravelry:::

December 2010.

The long delay in using it was due solely to my thinking it not suitable for socks but not having another idea for it. Luscious stuff, but I don't have enough green in my wardrobe (yet!) to justify a scarf or cowl for myself. So it was with great joy that I chose it for this particular project, the recipient of which specified blues or greens.

I am not going to give you a full viewing of the FO today, though; you will only get to see my yarn-carrying hand.

Sometimes the dye doesn't stick as well as we might hope.
Need to give that FO a good vinegar bath before gifting it.


* I am so damned clever with searching out the html.

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  1. k says:

    Doesn’t it seem greener this year than it ever has been before? I’m assuming it’s because of the deadly long winter, rather than something nefarious.

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