Links waving proudly in the breeze.

photo credit: MTSOfan via photopin cc

You like story.

Words of wisdom from J.K. Rowling. via Chris

Detroit goes back to nature.


Calvin and Hobbes cartoonist secretly returns. The backstory.

A little something for math nerds.

Fat cat is evil.

21 food tricks.

Widespread toilet use = better child mortality.


Grand pianos do not float.


Water balloon.

A Tumblr about rainbows.

A bumper sticker for the ages.

Two words: lawn dinosaur.

Australia regulates everything.


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0 Responses to Links waving proudly in the breeze.

  1. k says:

    Okay. Bacon cinnamon rolls. I am not near my kitchen. This is a problem.
    What sound does a water balloon make when it pops? Something else I must try.

  2. gayle says:

    I want a lawn dinosaur. Possibly wearing the math t-shirt…

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