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Knit, link. Rinse, repeat.

Knitted blanket goes 3D. Double knitting. For a blanket. This only works if you are a size 32. There are so many versions of Daybreak. Here's another one. A nice little stranded sock pattern.  Nevermore, quoth the raven. Real men … Continue reading

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The links go on, the links go on.*

photo credit: dongga BS via photopin cc Another clarification on the Starbucks/scholarship thing. Rabbit #1. Rabbit #2. Compare and contrast. Kevlar was invented by a woman. Kittehs were… cloned? I want both of these women as friends so they can … Continue reading

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Swapping out an iPad battery may not be as easy as you think.

This is my [former] iPad. Those three playing-card-sized flat black thingies are the batteries. The one on the right? Toast. Smokey, my I-can-do-anything guy and a former naval electronics technician, ordered a kit online to replace my iPad battery. Battery … Continue reading

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On Sunday another woman and I from the local Dem party did campaign and political stuff in the parade in a nearby village. A magnetic sign on each side of my car. I am Jared’s campaign treasurer. Sign was not … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the birthday edition.

Carole must be psychic. Today is Smokey's birthday. I shall start with the things he would want to happen on his natal anniversary.   Ten Ways To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday.   Bake a blueberry pie. Not from scratch; one … Continue reading

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OMG, I forgot to do a knitting links post. Until Sunday.

Knitting… glass? This is sooo strange. Another way in which knitting is therapy. Reminds me of an array of jewels in a treasure chest. This looks like something Caitlyn Stark might wear. This, too. Knitting is good for the brain. .

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Claire gave us the full scoop on the Starbucks/barista/college story to which I linked yesterday. Starbucks isn't actually paying its employees' tuition costs. They aren't actually paying anything. Not one thin dime. Management today admitted that all they had done … Continue reading

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Links for a happy solstice.

photo credit: n.stauffer via photopin cc Find your correct bra size. Another one for the women. Let’s see some kittehs. And a few more. Another. One more. Oh, heck, one more. Cats rule. And are awww. ICYMI: links from Chris. … Continue reading

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We saw this as we were driving out from the dead end road to which our driveway leads. This is Mrs.* Painted** Turtle laying her eggs. In the middle of the road. Not the most ideal place for baby turtle … Continue reading

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Randominity and navel-gazing.

I have noticed that any number of [non-fiction] books have a premise that would be perfect for a long article or a pamplet*, but which do not warrant an entire book. Not that that stops the pundits and analysts and … Continue reading

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