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Linkies say goodbye to May, tra la.

photo credit: Marcel Oosterwijk via photopin cc More about coffee. Veteran reporter develops an allergy. To printer ink. This is one of my pet peeves, too. Special for art history majors. You know who you are. The Ten Commandments of … Continue reading

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Oh, yeah, there was that other graduation, too.

Gorgeous auditorium. (Apologies for the poor photo quality in this post. Dumb Mom forgot camera, forced to use iPhone.)     Why, yes, his name was highlighted JUST LIKE THIS in the program.   Alí gets his diploma…   …and … Continue reading

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Medical school graduation (con’t). It’s almost like you were there (but without the speeches).

  Smokey and Andrew's friend Mike from UMich The brass quintet sets up.  Audience selfie: Alí, Mike, me, Smokey. You have already seen this animated gif, but I am so proud of myself for making it that you get to … Continue reading

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Medical school graduation.

Even with all the pomp ceremonies and robes and congratulations, what finally made it real to me was seeing the next year's holiday schedule for the residents.  

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Ten on Tuesday, the Memorial Day weekend edition.

Today Carole has asked us to share the activities of our long weekend with you. Some people have spectacular Memorial Day weekends, filled with picnics and softball games and community memorials and hiking and kayaking and canoeing and even waterskiing. … Continue reading

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New rule: Mondays are for knitting links.

Photographing your knitting against a seamless white background? Sorry, that's a patent violation. Patterns for five basic shawl shapes. A yarn bomb like no other. Pet peeves. Baby sweater. Cubist knitter. How to sew a perfect shoulder seam.

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Happy b’day, Maru!

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Links in memoriam to those who have served. (They appreciated humor, too.)*

photo credit: JackieASutherland via photopin cc 33 ways to know if you are coffee’s bitch. Is it chocolate? The Washington Ballet’s hardest dance moves. Where not to have a baby: Oman, Papua New Guinea,… and the US. How Starbucks plays … Continue reading

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It’s gonna be all graduation, here all the time (until I post all 627 photos).

"Hi, I'm Dr. Jensen. I'll be your doctor"    ::patient runs away::   Edited to add: I think my favorite thing about the entire graduation was the extremely Renaissance-y hats the new docs wore.

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Today is all about knitting. And yarn.

Word. More truth. Happy Earth Day (a little late). Useful chart for knitters, especially knitters who like to create their own garments. Things organized neatly. A couple three several stashbuster sock patterns I like. Also a shawl that could be a stashbuster. Welcome to 1978. (Caution: site has automatic music.) Works of art mittens. I … Continue reading

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