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Sunday as usual.

Shame :: anguish. Business :: as usual. Cats :: yes! Green :: Green Party. Politics :: sooo tired of. Boston :: driving. Healthy :: as a horse. Pint :: ale. Owner :: car. Sorrow :: sad. * * * * … Continue reading

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Twelve-step links (for the twelfth of April).

World's oldest socks. The wisdom of Franklin. Landscape interpreted through knitting. Required reading for all book club members. Coordinated office wear. Can you stand to read a little more about our county board election? Best ob/gyn EVAH. Accidental dismemberment. Does … Continue reading

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Animated gifs.


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If this is April, I am doing our taxes. And taking iPhone photos.

Yes, like many of you, I am doing our taxes. This is the first time in years I haven't had to extend them because I was way too busy in March and April to do them. Retirement is sweet. Beverage … Continue reading

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Tuesday cheer!

    Sent to me by one of my co-trustees on the humane society board. He sends the best stuff!

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Muttering on a Sunday.

Rabbit :: Hop. Judged :: American Idol. Produce :: Lettuce. Bank :: Money. Standard :: Normal. Mister :: In-Between. Tissue :: Kleenex. Summon :: Court. Selfishly :: Mine! Chatting :: Online. * * * * Last weekend Younger Son got … Continue reading

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If this is April, where is spring (links)?

photo credit: GollyGforce – Living My Worst Nightmare via photopin cc Click on this familiar dog. Links from Chris & Chaos. And more links from Chris & Chaos. What to use this for? It is intriguing.  Lest you think I … Continue reading

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We got 10.5" (26.5cm) of snow last night and today. (Bah, humbug.) Two of my knitterly friends and I were going to meet a fourth knitterly friend to visit a yarn store, have lunch, and have friend #4 teach us … Continue reading

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Life goes on.

Thanks for all your good wishes. I was sad to lose my race for a fourth term on our county board of supervisors, but my biggest fear was not losing myself but rather having Operation Prosperity/local teabaggers/possible outside money prevail … Continue reading

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Looks like I will be having a lot more free time.

Just substitute "Polk" for "Iron". 226 Kienholz233 Hallberg

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