Spring links uncover winter’s garbage.

Chain link fence trash
photo credit: jbdenham via photopin cc


The man in the yellow hat goes to therapy.

Batman logo in an unlikely place.

Are librarians an endangered species?

Offered without comment.

Nap attack!

Atmospheric carbon problem contributing to global warming… solved!

Damn, we missed this when we were there.

Homeopathy = bunk.

Found money.

Movie character business cards.

Guard your snack! The animals are at it again.

If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

I get this now, having watched half of The Avengers movie.


When raccoons are sneaky.

I thought this was a tilt shift photo when I saw it.

For science nerds.

Swedes are awesome.

Some facts about blood loss.

Classic album covers…from the other side.

Universal rules for subway maps.

Need a pencil? Try one of these.

Kitty death wiggle (caution if you are at work: there is music that will automatically start playing).

Knitting behind bars.



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