Winter, go home. You’re drunk. (redux)

I would love to show you some photos of the 12" (twelve inches!) of snow we got over the past day and a half, but my computer will not recognize my camera, and LastPass (which I installed after reading about the Heartbleed security screwup) refuses to allow my iPhone access to Gmail. 

Sometimes I almost wish for pre-digital days. Almost. But in those days I didn't have a blog and hadn't met any of youse guys so

First, the snow. It started sometime Tuesday night or the wee hours of Wednesday. When I got up Wednesday morning to let the dogs out, the words out of my mouth do not bear repeating on this (mostly) family-friendly site.

There were only a few inches on the ground at that point, which were not enough to keep me from a scheduled appointment and multiple errands. 

The snow continued all day Wednesday and into the night. This morning, Thursday, it was deep enough (twelve inches!) that we called Doug The Plow Guy to rescue us. Smokey had planned to plow it himself, but at some point he remembered that Da Yeep had not been started in a month and would most certainly require a charger. Charger (on wheels) is roughly the size of a floor model humidifier but heavier, and he did not relish the idea of dragging it through a foot (did I mention we got twelve inches?) of wet heavy snow up the driveway hill to the detached garage.

Call Doug The Snowplow Guy.

Second, the camera. No idea why it is not talking to the computer. Probably a poltergeist or a gremlin hiding somewhere. 

Third, LastPass. This is a $12 program that generates a really, really random password for every site that you tell it and stores them in its online vault (heavily encrypted, multiply firewalled, and probably protected by some Dumbledore-created charm). As I was working my way through my nine pages (nine pages!) of sites that require a password I chanced to wonder just how this was going to manage to screw up my life.

When I tried to use my iPad last night I found out.

Today's task is figure out how to get LastPass on my iPad and iPhone, assuming that is even possible. Somehow I cannot imagine that BoingBoing/Gizmodo/Lifehacker would have recommended the program if it were not iGadget compatible. I hope.




Well, Doug The Plow Guy came… and got stuck. Smokey is out there right now attempting to free Doug's truck with Da Yeep. 

Will I make it to my 3 pm meeting? Stay tuned


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0 Responses to Winter, go home. You’re drunk. (redux)

  1. k says:

    Ya. (Please say this with all the syllables.) At least my snowblower people didn’t need to get plowed out this time.
    I’m done.

  2. Shirley says:

    8″ of snow at my place. Will this never end? Are you going to Yarnover this year? Somehow I lucked into one of Yarn Harlot’s classes.

  3. Rupert says:

    If you will not be able to get Lastpass working with your iPhone, try Sticky Password. Works perfectly with iGadgets

  4. Julie says:

    Have you ever watched the British sitcom, The IT Crowd? With my best British voice my advice is “have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?”
    After hearing good good things, and a personal recommendation, I ended up with 1Password. Pricey, but they’re having a 50% heartbleed sale. It stores all of your personal data too including banking, credit cards, soft wear licenses, etc. no freeze ups, but a learning curve none the less. I feel vulnerable having technology being the boss of my passwords. Damned it we do and damned if we don’t I guess!

  5. Kym says:

    Tom calls this one “The Winter of Our Discontent.” (And it just keeps being that way. Y’know?)

  6. k says:

    Am I bad? After I changed a couple of passwords, and couldn’t remember them and had to write them down, I decided to not worry.

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