Ten on Tuesday, the outdoor edition.

(I am back in the ToT movement. Somehow I had unsubscribed, don't know how, but Carole and I got it worked out. Thanks, Carole!)

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things I Like To Do Outside. 

  1. Knit on the deck.

    Deck knitting

    Sometimes I listen to an audiobook, sometimes I listen to the wind and the lake. Either way, it is delightful. And I always have some devoted companions.

  2. Eat outside.

    Eating on the porch

    Smokey has always been skeptical about eating al fresco but I love it. At home we tend to eat on the three-season porch, but there are several restaurants around here — not necessarily fancy ones, either, maybe just a bar with a kitchen — with outdoor seating areas. Perfect place for a beer and a burger salad!

  3. Walk.

    Bear walk

    I haven't been able to do this for years, but I think my new hip may allow me to start again as soon as the roads dry up a bit more. I like to do this with an audiobook, too. (Easily bored here.) My neighbor and I used to walk at least a mile every morning, and Bear always went along, never on a leash, but content to wander and sniff at interesting things. But we had a falling out, and now she has Alzheimer's. 

  4. Watch my garden grow.

    This is an early summer photo. It was a lot more colorful in August.

    I planted supervised the planting of a flower bed right outside the front door. We have a bench on the front stoop, and it makes a perfect place to watch someone else dig.

  5. Watch the activity on the bird feeder.

    Bird feeder

    Okay, I am inside when I do this, but the birds are outside. So there.

  6. Drive with the sunroof open


    Technically, this may not be an outdoor activity, but I'm gonna count it anyway. One of my fondest memories of our boys growing up is driving to work in Minneapolis on an April morning with Younger Son beside me. (There was employer-provided day care on Saturdays during busy season, and even though he was at least ten at the time, he liked to go with me because he had made friends there over the years.) Anyway, the sunroof was open and through it we watched the eagles (or maybe they were turkey vultures) soaring overhead as we drove up the hill out of the St Croix river valley.

  7. Camping in the mini-mini-motorhome

    Mini mini motorhome

    For me this mostly involves reading and knitting in a camp chair. Not much different from being at home, really, but Lake Superior is a tad bigger than our (100-acre) lake. No mosquitoes there, either.

  8. Swat mosquitoes.


    Not a favorite thing, but an inevitable one.

  9. Check for ticks. Ditto.

    Hannibal tick

  10. As you can tell by careful reading, I may love the outdoors but I don't necessarily like to be in the outdoors. I like to observe it at a distance, preferably from behind a screen. So there is no number ten here. Still looking forward to spring, though


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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the outdoor edition.

  1. Vicki says:

    Haha, I think we are cut from similar cloth. I especially love #6!!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    This is such a wonderfully spring-crazed post! I was with you, all the way up to tick checking…which is, of course, an ability we all develop. But blech.

  3. Carole says:

    I love my sunroof, too! Ticks are the bane of our outdoor existence!

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