If this is April, I am doing our taxes. And taking iPhone photos.

Yes, like many of you, I am doing our taxes. This is the first time in years I haven't had to extend them because I was way too busy in March and April to do them. Retirement is sweet.

Beverage for these taxing days:

Lime colada
That's coconut flavored sparkling water on the left, lime on the right.
Lime colada (non-alcoholic, because taxes)!


And the hat that is my traditional one for doing the taxes (assuming two years in a row counts as tradition).
Note: my eyes actually point in the same direction. 
Don't know what was going on here.


First blooms of spring, observed outside the government center yesterday
when I turned in my final expense report.


Who, us! What?
Not only did they dismember this stuffed draft-blocker, they later ripped open the garbage bag
where Smokey had put all the pieces. Then they repeated this scene, complete with innocent expressions.

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0 Responses to If this is April, I am doing our taxes. And taking iPhone photos.

  1. Kym says:

    Just filed tonight. (Of course, I’ll pay on Tuesday. . .) My beverage was a bit stronger. Post-filing, of course. (I don’t know what my carpet would look like without stuffing-detritus.)

  2. Jean & Harold says:

    Those faces…my supervisor returned home from a 15 minute errand one evening to find her dalmation had done the same thing to her sofa. The dog even had the nerve to bring her a hunk of foam, enticing her to throw it for him to play fetch with!!!

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