We got 10.5" (26.5cm) of snow last night and today. (Bah, humbug.) Two of my knitterly friends and I were going to meet a fourth knitterly friend to visit a yarn store, have lunch, and have friend #4 teach us how to make a linen stitch scarf. It would have been a 46 mile trip, one way. K, who would have driven, emailed yesterday that her Jeep could make it through anything and that she was not afraid to drive. (I replied that she was one badass mofo. She agreed.)

Yesterday I watched Skyfall on Netflix and cast on 600 stitches for the scarf (I decided I wanted the long skinny version). Skyfall = 2 hr, 23 min = exactly the right amount of time to cast on 600 stitches. Win!


But this morning reality dawned and we realized that the two of who were going to park and meet her would end up having our cars blocked in when the snowplows went by. 


But we will reschedule this little outing for later in the month. Maybe winter and blizzards will be over by then.


Not everyone is disappointed with the weather.

Younger Son and most of his company are leaving tomorrow for the NAB convention in Las Vegas, so Ser Percival The Energetic is staying with us. As you can see, he is tremendously despondent at being separated from his Poppa. Misha tries in vain to cheer him up, but he is inconsolable.


He cried piteously for the first hour or so after YS left last Sunday, but he has bonded to us now. He snuggles up in the bed at night and follows me around during the day. In the evening he attempts to slime up onto my lap. Sometimes I let him do it, the 65-pound lapdog.

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0 Responses to Friday.

  1. Big Alice says:

    Ugh, 10 INCHES??
    The dogs look like they’re having a great time. 🙂

  2. Vicki says:

    CRAZY! I saw this morning that big sections of Hwys. 29 & 53 were basically closed. I saw snow fly today, but none of it stuck. Instead, we’ve been delighted by the “wintry mix.” Ugh.

  3. k says:

    13. Again, I rule. (Or my town/general area does. 17″, 2 miles west. I went in to my knees. That’s all I know.)
    Those poor dogs. They don’t even know that their lives are full of woe.

  4. gayle says:

    They’re using the dreaded S word in our forecast today, too. These late dumps really are depressing, aren’t they?
    I hope you get clear skies and sunshine for your next knitterly expedition attempt.

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