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WIP Wednesday.

Here we have the linen stitch scarf as it existed on Monday afternoon. You may be surprised at how little it has grown since last you gazed upon it. This is because I frogged the @#^#$% thing and started over. … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the post-vacation edition.

Carole is feeling a bit dejected because her vacation is over. She asked us for some help in lifting her mood.   photo credit: Patrick McConahay via photopin cc   Ten Good Things About Coming Home From Vacation.  Sleeping in … Continue reading

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Spring is springing.

Saturday's walk. The spring peepers were so loud I had to turn up the volume on the audiobook I was listening to.  

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Links whilst I am Yarnover-ing.

photo credit: Vitamin-K via photopin cc The worst architectural disaster that never happened. Read a bit more here. We may need this. Doggie birthday! Sapiosexual. Playing Jenga… with heavy construction equipment. See graphic ratings of your favorite TV programs.  Children's … Continue reading

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23 years of schooling are about to come to an end.

Elder Son called this morning to say he had turned in his master's thesis, Long-Term Medical and Psychiatric Effects of Juvenile Incarceration. He emailed me a copy, but I will not reproduce it here for copyright reasons, not because I … Continue reading

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Springing Sunday.

As usual, first you get the mutterings. Steady :: boyfriend. Sleep :: deprived. Thumb :: and forefinger. Straighten :: up. Wake up! :: NO! Diminish ::  -ing returns. Scarred :: for life. Horn :: of plenty. Pace :: car. Correspondence … Continue reading

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Spring links uncover winter’s garbage.

photo credit: jbdenham via photopin cc Want. The man in the yellow hat goes to therapy. Batman logo in an unlikely place. Are librarians an endangered species? Offered without comment. Nap attack! Atmospheric carbon problem contributing to global warming… solved! … Continue reading

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Winter, go home. You’re drunk. (redux)

I would love to show you some photos of the 12" (twelve inches!) of snow we got over the past day and a half, but my computer will not recognize my camera, and LastPass (which I installed after reading about … Continue reading

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Can you stand an April Fool’s joke sixteen days late?

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Ten on Tuesday, the outdoor edition.

(I am back in the ToT movement. Somehow I had unsubscribed, don't know how, but Carole and I got it worked out. Thanks, Carole!) Ten Things I Like To Do Outside.  Knit on the deck. Sometimes I listen to an … Continue reading

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