I want to be elected! and stuff.

Yes, it is campaign time here in Polk County. I am running for my fourth two-year term on the county board of supervisors. This is not something that I talk about much here on the blog, but it is consuming all my time right now — defining my position(s) for local newspapers, doing literature drops, recruiting volunteers, making phone calls, delivering lawn signs. A *local* group has pumped a lot of money into this election, and it has generated more interest than is usually evident in county board elections.

And that is enough on that topic.


* * * * *


Smokey continues to improve. The broken ribs are not troubling him nearly as much now, just the occasional [severe] twinge to remind him of what he has been through.

Earlier this week he had a followup appointment with the ortho doc who was going to do the knee replacement. I probably made the appointment for him before the surgery and never thought to cancel it. But the doc gave him a cortisone injection in each knee to help with the pain until — someday! — he can have the surgery. 

The really cool thing was that the doc took him around to see all the people in the surgery wing who had helped keep him alive. It's a quarter mile walk from the clinic to the OR, so Smokey rode in a wheel chair.

At desk 1
The ortho doc is the  the one in the suit. (He is also the one that pushed the wheel chair.) His physician's assistant is at left rear (she is the one who advised me to avoid gluten) (she is also the one that started CPR on Smoke). 

At desk 3
Gentlerman in scrubs is an anesthesiologist. The one in the blue hat is Jodie, who said she felt Smokey's ribs break during CPR. No problem, Jodie! Thanks for doing such a good job!

The doc wanted to do this because the OR staff seldom get to see such a good outcome after a code. Everyone was delighted to meet Smokey, alive and talking.


This is Jean, who had the difficult job of telling me that Smokey's heart had stopped but been restarted, and who stayed with me the entire time until Younger Son arrived to drive me to Minneapolis. I remember the mustachioed man in glasses from the OR but, sadly, I never knew his name or his role.

The doc and PA asked me to send them the photos and for Smokey to write up something about his experience. Doc wants to present it to his board, which always likes to hear success stories.

I am so grateful to all these people. Without their skill and dedication I would be a widow.

* * * * *

More news on the medical front: Elder Son found out today that he will be doing his family medicine residency in Sioux Falls, SD. While he might have preferred Duluth — closer to home, colder weather — Sioux Falls has some definite advantages, too — much higher volume obstetric practice, better scheduling for night shifts, cheaper housing market, and a psychologist on staff who trains family practice docs on psychological counseling, since they are often the ones who prescribe psych meds. Residency will start sometime in June.

ES is very excited to A, buy a house, and 2, get a dog. Not necessarily in that order

* * * * *

One more thing. In case you were wondering, it snowed again today. Great big frickin' flakes, added maybe another inch to the six-foot mounds we have already.



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0 Responses to I want to be elected! and stuff.

  1. tammy says:

    Sending you good lucks for your campaign!

  2. gayle says:

    And even more good lucks!
    We got 4″ of heavy wet stuff day before yesterday, on top of the 20″ we got last week. And March ain’t over… *sigh*
    What a wonderfully thoughtful thing for Smokey’s doctor to do. A real spirits lifter for all involved!

  3. Carole says:

    I loved seeing these photos. I have to say the sentence that really hit me in this post was the one about you being a widow. That’s quite the reality check. To say I’m glad that isn’t the case is quite an understatement. Good luck with the election!

  4. soxanne says:

    Good luck wit the election.
    So nice to meet the folks who saved Smokey!

  5. Jean & Harold says:

    Good to hear Smokey is doing well, hope you are, too. I’d wondered about his ribs when you posted they were very sore, and often they are fractured with compressions. At the very least would have been badly strained. Either way, painful, but better than the alternative, yikes! It’s very cold here in Alberta, too, and we’ve also had more snow. Tried to get out for a walk this afternoon but the wind was bitter and strong, so hoofed it back home. Keeping all y’all in our thoughts.

  6. Lorette says:

    I like the “stuff” part of this post! As a medical person, it’s ALWAYS good to see those “good outcomes” back to visit. Lots of smiles in those photos!

  7. Kim says:

    Fantastic pictures. Glad everyone continues to do well.

  8. Jocelyn says:

    I find myself very moved by these photos and by really being inside the trauma and fear you and Smokey weathered. I’m so glad you have all your boys.

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