Links for “Is winter on the wane yet?”

  Winter chain-link fence frost
photo credit: rkramer62 via photopin cc

A sweater to go with that scarf we were all so entranced by last Saturday.

I found a new blog. This is awful, so she blogged this the next day to counterbalance it. Also: cats. Who love…broccoli?

The photo that sent me to the above blog.

I seem to be obsessed with hats.

This is fun.

Like horror stories? Here are some two-sentence ones.

Which colors are most popular for knitting projects?

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0 Responses to Links for “Is winter on the wane yet?”

  1. gayle says:

    Those horror story-ettes will probably give me nightmares…
    Though the cats in containers made a nice counterbalance. 8)

  2. Jean & Harold says:

    People pay thousands to lose weight in an attempt to emulate fashion models who look like they’re starving to death while millions of people around the world are indeed starving to death – it’s all insane.
    And yes, one of our cats will munch the florets of broccoli if I don’t get the groceries put away immediately upon returning from the store. Makes me pretty mad to find a little heap of green crumbs and the broccoli desecrated by Big Alisss.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Photoshopped to look LESS THIN? Crikey.
    Then, the counterbalancing post, with those gorgeous, healthy, luscious models? YUM on them.

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