Baby sweater.

One of Smokey's former co-workers and former tenant of ours had a baby in November, and Smokey suggested that I knit something for the new arrival. I was deep into other projects right then, but I dug in the stash and came up with an idea. That idea is #3, below.

Smokey, however, thought I should give  the new mom some yarn and color choices. More stash digging yielded four possibles.


Yarn is 500+ yards of some heavy fingering weight merino that I won a million years ago in Cara's give-away to raise money for Heifer International.



Yarn is Valley Yarns Valley DK Superwash. Still using up leftovers from my multicolored striped top-down raglan.


3 lower3 upper

Yarn is all Lang Jawolle sock yarn, except for the green ball at back. I had a brainstorm to hold two strands together and blend the colors to create a rainbow.



Clearly, this is not a baby sweater, but I thought I could use the same idea, stripes of various shades and tints of red separated by narrow bands of black.

The new mom chose the sweater hiding behind door photo #2, saying she loved the mental image of Baby Abigail in those colors.

I will use Bev Galeska's Baby Brights pattern, which I have modified and used for two previous baby sweaters. It is knit from the top down, all in one piece, with no finishing except to weave in the ends and sew on a button or three.

Let the knitting begin!

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