Solidarity forever. And knitting.


This is what it looks like when you recruit people to get on a bus at 6 am to ride through the cold (it was -19˚F when we left Eau Claire) to the state capitol to lobby their their legislators in support of libraries. Some talk, some read, some are glued to their iPhones or iPads, and some sleep.

Oh, and one of them knits. (More on that later. Non-political types may want to skip down past the YouTube to the knitting.)

Tuesday was the annual Library Legislative Day in Wisconsin, and, as a trustee of the regional library system, I participated. (Sadly, given that my state senator and assemblyman are both firmly in the pocket of Governor Walker — who is firmly in the pocket of ALEC, the Koch brothers, and anyone else who will donate significant money to his campaign(s) — I am not sure how much good it did. But it needed to be done and I did my part.)

Perhaps you remember the demonstrations at the Wisconsin state capitol back in 2011, when Walker's legislature stripped the public employees' unions of much of their bargaining power

Those demonstrations may be diminished in size, but they never quite ended.


Okay, enough with the politics. What about the knitting, Kat?

As I mentioned before, I started working on the back of the Fairfield sweater in preparation for the trip. Got the ribbing and the first couple rows of the pattern done.

Here's what it looked like when I got back home.


That may not look like a lot of knitting, but it is 147 stitches wide. Such is the downside of being a Woman Of Substance.

Want to see something funny? Here is that same knitting doing its impression of a radioactive sweater:

Don't get too close!
Yup. Red is still darned hard to photograph.

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0 Responses to Solidarity forever. And knitting.

  1. k says:

    I heard our dear Gov is in trouble over something. Those campaign irregularities around the time of the recall, I think. He’s lawyered up, at any rate.
    Thank you for speaking up for our library system.

  2. Melissa says:

    Nice. Love the radioactivity pic. Good luck with the state legislature

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