Olympic fashion review.

There were, of course, some notable knits in the Olympic opening ceremonies. Really, what good is a winter olympics without knitwear? I combed a multitude of blog posts and *news* articles critiqueing the fashion statements made by the various nations' designers, which revealed to me that opinions are likeassh- navels; everybody has one.

Including me. 

The knits (hover over each photo for my comment):

Definitely Norwegian.
Andorran sweaters (that look Norwegian to my Norwegian eye).


The maple leaf forever!
Canadian mittens!


Pompoms? Srsly?
Belarusian hats and scarves.


The knits are lovely, but I adore the DOGS!
Estonian hats and mittens (of course).


Hats and not-quite-matching scarves.
Serbian hats and scarves.


I wonder if the scarf is double-knit?
Slovakian hats and scarves.


Another potential double-knit.
Polish hats.


  This one really caught my knitter's eye, maybe because my first-ever stranded knitting was a zigzag pattern on a hat.
Latvian hats, scarves, AND mittens.


The leggings are an especially nice touch. Great scarf, too.
Swedish hats, scarves, AND leggings.


Absolutely fabulous.
The Russian women's coats. Not knit, but fabulous.

Tonga has an team in the winter Olympics? Yes, mon, because Jamaica.
Tongan hats.


"...the sweaters...look like something your senile aunt knitted while binge listening to Toby Keith albums."
USA's… things.*


On behalf of the knitters of the world, all I can say is, Show us the patterns!



* I almost didn't include the USA because those sweaters are so eye-blazingly ugly, but the senile aunt comment made me do it.


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0 Responses to Olympic fashion review.

  1. Michelle says:

    They are really ugly sweaters…

  2. Helen says:

    Maybe it’s the Christmas sweater syndrome lagged a month and a half. They are definitely ‘Merican. I understand they used all US resources including the wool/yarn and processing(That is good). I thought they could have come up with something more ‘timeless’. At least they supported the US wool industry.

  3. Kim says:

    So true about the USA sweaters. Tacky, tacky.
    The Latvian sets are really wonderful, though.

  4. soxanne says:

    We were talking about those sweaters at work the other day – truly awful! (going to look up Toby Keith now)
    Have you seen the Norwegian curling team’s pants this year? Check them out!

  5. Chelsea says:

    I wonder if I could set up a Ravelry alert for when someone comes up with a pattern for those Slovakian scarves…

  6. Kym says:

    Some of those hats are GREAT! (But the busy-USA sweaters? Not so much.)

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