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Tuesday, but not ten on.

Lots o' snow here. We got ~12" last Thursday. View from windows on the uphill side of the house.   Turning to the right to gaze through the trees toward the neighbor's house.   Looking out from the sliding door … Continue reading

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Pre-closing ceremonies links. Knitting as therapy. Sadly, I would trip over this every time. Dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid ice cubes. My cats emailed me this link with a single word: WANT. Want. Giving Anne Frank a drum kit for her birthday. Got … Continue reading

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Sunday stuff on Thursday because Thursday is the new Sunday. Or something.

Wine :: cooler. Cooperate :: -tion. Dropped :: like a hot potato. Painter :: drip cloth. Binger :: drunkard. Knot :: -worthy. Collar :: button. Barefoot :: in the Park. Town :: -house. House :: in town. * * * … Continue reading

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A fabulously useful new invention.

  What is it?  It is the magnebutton from The Grommet, two shankless buttons backed with strong magnets. They are the perfect thing to keep a shawl or scarf in place. The magnets are strong enough, according to the description, to hold … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the Winter Olympics edition.

Ten Thoughts On The 2014 Winter Olympics.  The women athletes and by NBC's coverage of them. How many times was one of them described as strong, competitive, athletic, daring, brave, determined — and all in a tone of admiration rather … Continue reading

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Baby sweater.

One of Smokey's former co-workers and former tenant of ours had a baby in November, and Smokey suggested that I knit something for the new arrival. I was deep into other projects right then, but I dug in the stash … Continue reading

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Links for the ides of February.

It is probably true in knitting.  Shadow art. This is amazing (not in a good way) and disgusting and everyone should be aware of it. Reblogging in solidarity. Can you honestly resist a sock  yarn sale? 52 forms of knitted… … Continue reading

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Happy V’day!

    photo credit: The Loopweaver via photopin cc           photo credit: Angela Leese via photopin cc        

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Solidarity forever. And knitting.

This is what it looks like when you recruit people to get on a bus at 6 am to ride through the cold (it was -19˚F when we left Eau Claire) to the state capitol to lobby their their legislators … Continue reading

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Success is wearing a handknit.

I recently got this photo of The Hat in the wild from Elder Son's friend Alí. Looks like Ann Arbor weather was giving it a good workout that day!    Looking back through the blog, I cannot find that I … Continue reading

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