Linkies for the new year.

New link
photo credit: …-Wink-… via photopin cc

Fabulous knitting.

A little (really!) something to knit for next year’s Chrismas tree.

I missed this ::sob::

Knitting explained and totally justified.

How to keep your multiple balls of yarn from getting tangled.

Are you cold? Knit this.

Good advice.

Have you seen the many, many variations on this sweater? Page through the projects to see dragons, squid, Tardises (Tardi?), Daleks, hedgehogs, Grecian urn motifs, masked Zapatistas(!)… the list goes on and on. (Some of those motifs are used so often it makes me think they may have been options in the original pattern. But not the Zapatistas.)

Denim cables.

A fitting slogan.

A little something to pick up for next New Year’s Eve.

I like this.

Mood rings bodies.


You are what you eat, even if you are an ant.



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0 Responses to Linkies for the new year.

  1. gayle says:

    Now I want a dragon sweater. Want.

  2. k says:

    Darn you!!!!!!!! I think I have to sign up for Ravelry now. Because I can’t see the things.
    And I had better learn to not speak Tumblr. I think it’s probably worse than swearing out in public. but did you see that shawl?
    Too awesome. And I can’t see more because I am not a member. Grrr.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love your links list.
    I want a Totoro sweater but is that insane for a 50+ woman? Who cares. Although the birds version is very nice.
    The denim cables made me little weak in the knees, too.

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