Ser Percival The Energetic: an album.

We were a bit skeptical when Younger Son and then-gf announced they wanted to get a dog, specifically, a young pit bull they had found at the humane society.

A pit bull? Really?

But Percy has turned out to be a sweet, sweet dog with an engaging personality. He cracks us up an a regular basis.


DSCN0980His name should be Earnest. Because he is.


Percy gets a new toy.

Percy 1Oh, boy, a new toy! Better than last week's bone!


Percy 2
Tug o' war is one of Percy's favorite games.


Percy 3

Percy 4

Percy 5
Is someone eating? Is there any for me?


Percy 6
The disemboweling begins.


At :08 he charges the camerawoman. That's how he asks me to play tug o' war.


Percy disembowels the toy, thoroughly and with great vigor.


Later in the day I caught Percy and Misha playing tug o' war.


Percy final
Disembowled. Happily, no actual blood was spilled.


Percy takes a nap.




After a hard day of play, Percy likes nothing better than
crawling into my lap. For a nap. Eighty pounds of sleeping lap dog. Yup.


Percy gets spruced up.


Percy in shark suit




Percy models the dog sweater I made him.



Percy is very responsive to other dogs, whether live, records, or just a photo.


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0 Responses to Ser Percival The Energetic: an album.

  1. gayle says:

    Do they make dog toys out of Kevlar? Might be worth investigating…
    What a cutie he is!

  2. Kym says:

    I. LOVE. Percy. What a fabulous dog!!!!

  3. Soxanne says:

    Oh my gawd – that poor dog! He must be so patient to wear shark suits and get his nails done…

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