What I knit in 2013.

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Twelve squares.

For Yarnista's afghans for Newtown (she is Three Irish Girls yarns).


Five baby bibs.

Tropical!   Traditional!


Four pairs of socks.*

Worsted socks  Kroy striped socks that go with everything.

Austermann Jojoba socks (my Spanish-speaking friend Anne reminded me we say, "Hohoba.")  Superfun Trekking socks that coordinate with my Royal Stewart plaid flannel shirt. I am nothing if not coordinated.


Four pairs fingerless gloves of varying lengths.

For Julia of Julia's Java in Milltown -- she works in a tiny kiosk with just a space heater. (And she DESERVES a handknit.)  Fingerless gloves made specifically for reading in bed. I have been using them every frickin' night.

For my BFF Kathy, who is hiding the arthritis-enlarged knuckles on her right hand. That woman has worked harder in her life than anyone else I know.  Marcia's fingerless gloves. One of her dogs nibbled the left one when she left them in her unzipped purse. They are currently in my to-be-mended basked.


Four hats.

Using up more leftover yarn. These will go to Hats for the Homeless next year, I hope with a couple more.

I have been wearing this hat every time I go out. -20˚F this morning.  I finally figured out how to photograph this yarn so the correct color and mottling shows up.


Four dishcloths.

For my blog friend Jen...  ...who moved into her dream home...

... with her family...  ...of husband and six kids, including one prenatal amputee (now in college and GORGEOUS!) and one little girl with autism (but full of personality).

I actually knit far more than four. I was on a dishcloth rampage for a few weeks last summer to use up odds and ends of discloth cotton, and it was the perfect mindless project while I was still taking painkillers after the hip replacement. These are the only ones that got photographed, though. The others are in the kitchen rotation and are, of course, no longer camera-worthy.


Two scarves.

I adore the stained glass effect I created. No modesty here, folks.   Been wearing this scarf, too.


Two cowls.

Kiera The Teenage Helper's Christmas gift. I quite like how it turned out.  The red cowl was nearly done, but I made up the pattern for it and decided I didn't care for how it fit -- too snug, not enough drape. Soon that cowl will once again be a ball of yarn. I love this yarn. Found the perfect cowl pattern for it yesterday.



One pair felted clogs.

Clogs unfelted, sitting hugely between a pair of my shoes.  Clogs, felted, on the feet of the recipient.


One double-knit felted hotpad.

Double knitting...  ...that the recipient and I learned...

...at a knitting retreat at the Villa Maria...  ...and that was taught by Lucy Neatby.


One pair of mittens fit for Sissy Hankshaw, if Sissy Hankshaw were eight years old.

Look at the length of those thumbs!


One Red Quadrant.

When will I be able to start The Blue Quadrant? I keep getting distracted with other small projects.


One swea–, er, finished one sweater.  

I wish it didn't take me two years to knit a sweater.

…and started but didn't finish another one.

The contrasting neckband, one buttonband, and the beginnings of the other buttonband are done, but I got hung up on the buttonholes themselves.


I also dyed some yarn…

Dark blue went into the tuque, red went -- temporarily -- in the cowl, above.

and frogged some long cabled stockings… 

These were intended for Alex, Younger Son's fiance, but they broke up last June.

…plus any number of intermediate cowls…

…and trials…

…and errors…

…and that is why knitting is such a great hobby: if we make a mistake, we can rip it out and do it again right/better.


* Everything with a blue border is something I knit for myself. 

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0 Responses to What I knit in 2013.

  1. Carole says:

    That’s a lot of great knitting!

  2. Erika says:

    Wow, it looks like so much when you add it up like that! Nice work!

  3. Soxanne says:

    I LOVE that hotpad. I use it all the time.
    Thanks again!

  4. Debra Henk says:

    Excuse me if this posts twice–I signed in with Facebook, and my post disappeared.
    I have half a scarf done. I bought some acrylic/wool/mohair at Joanne’s Fabric on a whim. I think I like this knitting stuff, so when I begin my next project, I will get some ‘real’ yarn.

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