Interholiday Sunday.

Oops, I forgot to hit Publish yesterday. It's a two-fer Monday!

  1. Business cards :: overrated.
  2. IT :: lifesaver.
  3. Liver :: pâté.
  4. Rugged :: truck.
  5. Destruction :: Eve of. Child of the '60s here.
  6. Cast :: signed.
  7. Gratification :: instant.
  8. Pizza :: sausage and mushroom.
  9. Cutest :: guy ever.
  10. Best :: dressed.

* * * * *

That cold front rolled in last night, the kind of cold front variously known as Alberta clipper, arctic clipper, or jesushf*ckingchristitscoldoutthere clipper. Yes, that kind of cold front.

High today predicted to be -3˚F, -19˚C for those who roll that way. (That would be the entire rest of the world, I think.) When I let the dogs out last night the door wouldn't stay shut afterwards — wind was so strong it kept blowing it open, even when I swore I had latched it. I even thought about throwing the deadbolt, but eventually I managed to get it latched firmly.

Actually, the forecast for this cold front was worse a few days ago. Now it has moderated.


Yes, that is moderated. A few days ago the weatherpeople were predicting highs below zero forever nearly a week.

Never fear, however; I am wearing a wool sweater — handknit! — and wool socks — handknit! — and will don a wool hat — handknit! — and wool scarf — handknit! — fleece-lined gloves before I venture out today.

For comparison, yesterday I was out gathering signatures on my petition to have my name on the ballot in April (20 signature of registered voters in my district, required by law in WI) I shed my parka early and wore only a cotton sweater with long-sleeved cotton t-shirt under it. Still too warm.


* * * * *

And now…

it's time for another rousing game of…


Here's mine, found on a knitting site I can't remember Madame DeFarge Knits:

Lace mittens


It replaced this image, cheerfully lifted from Ryan's blog:

Frozen yarn
That's a rock on a frozen skein of yarn.

 What is decorating your screen these days? Phones and tablets allowed 😉

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0 Responses to Interholiday Sunday.

  1. k says:

    We got your -14º right heyah. Ufda.
    Well, my desktop right now is a picture of a wayside “rest” station. But it’s artistic. (college is teaching me about layers of meaning. I think I’d better change it.)

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