End-of-year links.

Ice chain
photo credit: photo.anger via photopin cc

112 ways to save money.

Clean your shit with Magic Eraser.

For the chicken lovers among you.

"Human anthills."

Dialect quiz reveals the three cities from which you probably came.

The incredibly rare black roses of Halfeti. A correction; what they look like now. A non-'shopped view.

Obamacare on the ground: MN vs. WI.

Kittens and puppies at the office.

Dali revisited.

Scariest tattoo EVAH!

Come, let us all hygge during the cold dark months! (via martinimade.com)

Where federal workers get their clothes.

When worlds collide… peacefully.

Elves block road construction.


Edited to add: That three-fer yesterday? That was a combination of me forgetting what day it was and something Typepad. I was trying to pre-schedule some posts for next week. Oh, well.


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0 Responses to End-of-year links.

  1. Kari W. says:

    I took the dialect quiz for a lark and I’ll be darned, it nailed me. I am gobsmacked.

  2. k says:

    I’m thinking about the paper towel substitution, except my main use of paper towel is wiping oil in cast iron, and they tell you not to wash oil soaked things because you might blow up, except for if you need to survive nuclear fallout, when you’re supposed to wash coveralls in oil and detergent to create a radiation-proof(?) suit. Maybe they meant rain-proof.
    (I love blog comments. We don’t need no stinking punctuation! Take that Purdue OWL guidelines!)
    I wonder if those magic erasers would work on wood and metal? Tell them you need a kickback, if I buy some.
    I think that language tracer thing like alliteration. Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis. This mean I have been nearly assimilated.

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