Sunday random.

  1. Drape :: draperies.
  2. Visitors :: gallery.
  3. Garage :: art.
  4. Disney :: cartoon.
  5. Among :: friends.
  6. Trend :: -y.
  7. Holiday :: dazzle.
  8. Lightbulb :: moment.
  9. Zing! :: Blam!
  10. Efficient :: coefficient.

* * * * *

My hair is falling out. A lot. It started sometime after I went gluten-free a year ago last June. My hairbrush needed to be cleaned out every day and sometimes twice a day if I brushed my hair again. The loss is so severe now that I think it is visible — my hair looks stringy. No bald patches, just very, very thin. Hair clips that once were too small to contain my mane are now way too big.

The technical term for my current hair is frog fur. Long frog fur, but still frog fur.

I mentioned it to my doc last time I was in; they checked my thyroid function, often a trigger Rogainefor hair loss, and it turned out to be fine — no medical reason for this extreme annoyance.

Googling the terms “hair loss gluten” leads me to believe that eating gluten can cause hair loss rather the opposite (reverse? converse? obverse? whatevs). Sheesh.

I shall report whether Rogaine For Women actually works. Keep your fingers crossed.

* * * * *

The Christmas letter is done and dusted. Some folks got it in electronic version, no postage required. Family (and many of those over age 60) got the dead tree version. This may be the earliest we have ever issued the letter.

Shopping is done, all online orders received except a certain gift certificate that is easily handled. I am quite pleased and excited about what I got for Smokey. I cannot tell you about it for obvious reasons (Hi, Smoke!) but all will be revealed in the fullness of time.

Smokey did some awesome food shopping on Friday morning after he got off work. Our fridge* now contains two (2!) kinds of pickled herring, shaved ham, havarti cheese, thin-sliced Swedish pumpernickel rye, Swedish meatball mix, Swedish meatball gravy, two kinds of olives, and watermelon pickles. The last item is not a traditional ingredient of a Scandinavian smörgåsbord, but it is one I love. A relish tray is not complete withot watermelon pickles, sayeth The KatTM.

He obtained the gaffelbiter** at Engebretsen’s, a Scandinavian deli and gift shop in Minneapolis. He was there at 9:15, shortly after they opened at 9am, and the place was already packed. Waiting in line to get the meatball mix and herring he was #34; they were serving #2. No credit cards allowed in the food section, probably because at this time of year the electronic authorization process can be sluggish. I am awed at his dedication to getting me what I wanted.

He also got New York strip steaks at Lunds, a high-end-ish supermarket in Mpls. Elder Son will be arriving shortly, and he loves him a good steak. We shall eat well over the coming week(s)***. 

* * * * *

As I was showing Younger Son all the fabulous things on the blog during the past weeks, I saw the photo of the snow on the deck table and chairs that I posted a couple weeks ago. Pretty meager, I thought.

Snow 1

Snow 2

None has melted in the interim, but it has settled and sublimated a bit. Mostly, though, it has grown.



* Scrubbed inside and out by Kieva The Teenage Helper, yay!

** He shunned the canned variety and got ours at the deli counter. 

*** As opposed to what, Kat? You always eat well.

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0 Responses to Sunday random.

  1. Stella says:

    I can confirm that Rogaine for women works. In my case, quite well. And although it isn’t an advertised benefit, it hugely reduced hair falling out, despite having more hairs. I used to have to blow off my keyboard at work and now it’s just the occasional hair. I have not followed the directions exactly – I apply it once a day instead of twice. And though the directions say that quantity does not matter I apply more than prescribed…so that it covers more than just the thinning top it’s supposed to address. The guy who does my hair is so impressed that he has recommended it to other clients. And the odd thing is that the new growth is the color of my hair before it went gray. It’s expensive…no way does a 3 bottle box last 3 months. Mostly because I over-apply but also because if you divide the volume of the dropper into the volume of the bottle….no way. But, for now in my life, it feels good to have a full head of hair. Walgreen’s generic is cheaper than romaine and is the same formula. (and if you get the Walgreens member card you can get an even better deal when it goes on sale to members). I keep meaning to get onto Amazon and check out other even cheaper suppliers further than the cursory look I took a while back. It takes a few months for the new hairs to grow in and get to a reasonable length. I hope it works as well for you.

  2. k says:

    Engebretsen’s. Sigh. Lunds. Sigh again.
    Hey! we’re having some sort of civic alert, because snow! Lake effect! Might be up to a foot! Because everything was white, I didn’t know how deep it was and now my car is stuck! And they’ve changed the design of snow chains so that you can’t just put them on, you have to drive on to them, which I can’t, because stuck!
    That’s really weird about the hair. I have no clues. I hope the Rogaine does it.

  3. Erika says:

    That’s weird about the hair loss! Did you make any other changes around that time? And sadly sometimes it just happens… a lot of the women on my dad’s side of the family lose their hair when they get older. Doesn’t seem to be affecting me yet, but you never know.

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