Links for the first day (or so) of winter.

LkSup ice chainphoto credit: n.stauffer via photopin cc


It's the new turducken. No, not that viral one with the squid/octopus we all saw a couple weeks ago; this one is made of cat.

"The US is more on par with developing countries like Indonesia and Tanzania than with OECD nations like Australia and Canada."

Ice bubbles.

Grumpy Cat does NOT have his own star.

Passerby: Here, I'll help. Woman: Nah, I got this.

Hammer nunchuks. While searching for those on Etsy, I discovered there are a LOT of different kinds of nunchuks available. (via

The ten most popular YouTube videos of 2013. Be sure to watch the Evian babies, the telekinetic coffee shop, and the NFL bad lip reading.

Never mind the product. Read the reviews.

Liz is up to the eighth day of Christmas. Stay tuned for the rest.

National Geographic photo contest 2013.

These are what the St Paul Winter Carnival needs for its ice castle.

Error messages for novelists.


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0 Responses to Links for the first day (or so) of winter.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I do love a fierce woman, so the gif/vid of the woman taking down that thief strikes me as awesome.
    Enjoying the snow yet?

  2. Soxanne says:

    As always, your links are fantabulous!

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