Humbuggery not allowed. Apathy and laziness, yes. But no humbuggery.

photo credit: Neil. Moralee via photopin cc (circle & slash added)

Reading this post made me consider my own level of Christmas cheeriness accomplishment. Here's what I found:

  • Last week I intended to start playing Christmas music but somehow forgot. The post prompted me to open iTunes and start the "Holiday" genre playing in a shuffled loop. Right now Imogene Heap is singing Just for Now. Before that it was Jethro Tull and Solstice Bells. Next up, Trans-Siberian Railroad. This is the thing that will help me get in the mode.
  • Last weekend I blew started to blow the dust and cobwebs and cat/dog hair off the Christmas tree. Need to finish that little task.
  • I verified that the tree lights still work. Will turn them on once the tree is dust/cobweb/hair-free.
  • No baking. Haven't done that for a number of years. We don't need the calories (nor the gluten) and the kids young men probably don't, either.
  • All but one present purchased. Today.
  • No presents wrapped yet. This weekend. Maybe.
  • Christmas letter text is finalized. The annual letter is a big project (see next 9 items).
  • Photographs inserted to letter. 
  • Letter converted to .pdf and emailed to about a third of the annual list.
  • Christmas letter printed. This required a trip to WalMart Tuesday night to purchase another color ink cartridge. Dog santa
  • The envelopes are addressed.
  • The letter is folded.
  • And stuffed.
  • Most of the envelopes are sealed. I mistakenly purchased envelopes that require licking. I quit somewhere around half-way through because I was tired of the taste.
  • Christmas postage stamps purchased.
  • Need to finish licking and sealing and stamping; can mail them all today.
  • Might (maybe) dig around for some other decorations — the two nutcracker men I needlepointed 20 years ago, the Christmas tree skirt, the stockings.
  • Need to acquire the requisite items for Christmas Eve smörgåsbord — cold cuts, rye bread, gherkins, shrimp, picked herring of some kind, whatever else I decide we need.
  • Elder Son will arrive home this weekend. Younger Son will be here, too.
  • Younger Son is hosting Christmas at his apartment.
  • Yay! I am not the primary cook!

Christmas smile
photo credit: Jamie In Bytown via photopin cc


photo credit (doggie humbug): sdkscorp via photopin cc

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0 Responses to Humbuggery not allowed. Apathy and laziness, yes. But no humbuggery.

  1. Kim says:

    There’s something very exciting and happy in waiting for your children to come home for Christmas, isn’t there? This is my first year of that.

  2. Carole says:

    Sounds like you’ve got everything under control. Going to your son’s for Christmas dinner sounds awesome!

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